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” Life gets better when you know right people! ”

Pandemic revealed the serious limitations of the Western Medicine and forced me to think outside the box for improving overall health and life experience. Fortunately, I came to hear the name of Dr. Rupali Panse, a well known Ayurvedic Doctor right in USA. I took the in-person consultation from Dr. Panse and my Ayurvedic lifestyle journey started.

Dr. Panse prepared my health report after an hour long detailed pretty much an interview about everything including body and mind. Changes that had immediate direct positive impact include daily morning Oil Pulling, Chavanprash, Indian butter milk (Taak) daily with meals, fasting once a week, Ghee (Toop) instead of Oil in cooking, Gul /organic sugar(Jaggery) instead of white suger, Rock Salt (Saindhav) instead of white salt, weekly Sesame oil body massage, daily Sesame oil foot massage, Amla/Triphala juice (small quantity), proper sleep routine to name a few. Health of mind and thinking also improved a lot once I understood my personality type and being conscious about my strengths and weaknesses.
Overall, I am kind of addicted to Ayurvedic way of living which is bringing lot of healthy joy and pleasantness throughout the day, every day. I do take bi-annual in-person consultation from Dr. Panse to keep myself further improving. Life gets better when you know right people!

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