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“14 years and counting on.. My family swear by Ayurveda “

I know Dr.Rupali from more than 14 years now. Her home remedies and Ayurvedic preparations always worked for my delicate gut and weight issues. I can count on her for my daughter’s health issues anytime. She is always a phone

Ms. Bauch , Singapore

“Your recipes are unique “

Wow, your articles have some unique Ayurvedic recipes. They are easy and nutritious. They will be useful for many of us. Thanks for sharing this wisdom of nutrition with


“Knowledgeable and honest, Dr.Panse relates every possible aspect to improve health ”

While attending, she listens and explains every detail honestly. It’s a wonderful experience with Dr.Rupali Panse. I had hyper acidity and skin issues. She took history very thoroughly. Knowledgeable and honest Dr.Rupali relates every possible aspect to improve health. Rutucharya,

Mr. Rohit Talegaokar, India

“I am literally living the verse “Let the food be thy medicine”“

I am a diabetic and overweight person. I was suffering from knee and hip joint pain. Walking or workout outside is impossible in harsh weather of Canada. There is restriction in mobility which was worsening the pain. I am a

Ms . Pandit , Canada

” Life gets better when you know right people! ”

Pandemic revealed the serious limitations of the Western Medicine and forced me to think outside the box for improving overall health and life experience. Fortunately, I came to hear the name of Dr. Rupali Panse, a well known Ayurvedic Doctor

Mr. Tetambe R,NJ,USA

“She has taken us under her wing and I cannot say enough good things about her.”

I have been going to Dr. Panse for my 4 year old and 2 year old sons. My 4 year old has been diagnosed with childhood asthma and has been on steroids for over a year. The steroid dosage kept

Ms. Sneha ,Orlando, Florida.

“Thanks for creating this blogsite “

I am a fan of your writings and read them regularly.I make sure to share them with my patients too. It helps me a lot to I am a fan of your writings and read them regularly.I make sure to

Dr. Yash, Ayurveda consultant ,Mumbai ,India
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