” Life gets better when you know right people! ”

Mr. Tetambe R,NJ,USA

Pandemic revealed the serious limitations of the Western Medicine and forced me to think outside the box for improving overall health and life experience. Fortunately, I came to hear the name of Dr. Rupali Panse, a well known Ayurvedic Doctor right in USA. I took the in-person consultation from Dr. Panse and my Ayurvedic lifestyle journey started. 

Dr. Panse prepared my health report after an hour long detailed pretty much an interview about everything including body and mind. Changes that had immediate direct positive impact include daily morning Oil Pulling, Chavanprash, Indian butter milk (Taak) daily with meals, fasting once a week, Ghee (Toop) instead of Oil in cooking, Gul /organic sugar(Jaggery) instead of white suger, Rock Salt (Saindhav) instead of white salt, weekly Sesame oil body massage, daily Sesame oil foot massage, Amla/Triphala juice (small quantity), proper sleep routine to name a few. Health of mind and thinking also improved a lot once I understood my personality type and being conscious about my strengths and weaknesses. 
Overall, I am kind of addicted to Ayurvedic way of living which is bringing lot of healthy joy and pleasantness throughout the day, every day. I do take bi-annual in-person consultation from Dr. Panse to keep myself further improving. Life gets better when you know right people!

“I am literally living the verse “Let the food be thy medicine”

Ms . Pandit , Canada

I am a diabetic and overweight person. I was suffering from knee and hip joint pain. Walking or workout outside is impossible in harsh weather of Canada. There is restriction in mobility which was worsening the pain. I am a regular reader of blogs of Dr.Panse. She took my history, body type and advised me some simple food changes to maintain bone health. The easy practical diet solutions keep check on my sugar too. I was not aware of incompatible food combinations. She corrected the combinations in my daily smoothies .Here in Canada Ayurvedic medicines are difficult to find and she is keen on using food as medicine for me. I perceived different view towards food. I am literally living the verse “Let the food be thy medicine”

“Knowledgeable and honest, Dr.Panse relates every possible aspect to improve health ”

Mr. Rohit Talegaokar, India

While attending, she listens and explains every detail honestly. It’s a wonderful experience with Dr.Rupali Panse. I had hyper acidity and skin issues. She took history very thoroughly.
Knowledgeable and honest Dr.Rupali relates every possible aspect to improve health. Rutucharya, daily routine to be followed as well as which diet and what time to be followed. Every guidelines she provide are ultimately giving best results over a period of time. I am really thankful to expert advice from her in my daily Ayurvedic discipline. Diet according to season really brought positive improvements in my allergic gut and sinus tendencies. Simple food and lifestyle changes beat the need for medicines ,now i believe in that

Thanks for creating this blogsite

Dr. Yash, Ayurveda consultant ,Mumbai ,India

I am a fan of your writings and read them regularly.I make sure to share them with my patients too. It helps me a lot to keep them on right track in diet and lifestyle. Thanks for creating this blogsite. Keep writing

Your recipes are unique

Jainisthomas ,tasteofcity.com

Wow, your articles have some unique Ayurvedic recipes. They are easy and nutritious. They will be useful for many of us. Thanks for sharing this wisdom of nutrition with all.

“14 years and counting on.. My family swear by Ayurveda

Ms. Bauch , Singapore

I know Dr.Rupali from more than 14 years now. Her home remedies and Ayurvedic preparations always worked for my delicate gut and weight issues. I can count on her for my daughter’s health issues anytime. She is always a phone call away when any of my family member in India and Singapore need any help. I learnt to use simple kitchen spices for minor health conditions from her. We faithfully follow her advise of ayurvedic food and lifestyle from years.

She has taken us under her wing and I cannot say enough good things about her.

Ms. Sneha ,Orlando, Florida.

 I have been going to Dr. Panse for my 4 year old and 2 year old sons. My 4 year old has been diagnosed with childhood asthma and has been on steroids for over a year. The steroid dosage kept increasing and there was a point when I was extremely frustrated and I wanted to try alternative treatments. I was so happy to therefore come into contact with Dr. Panse. She has taken us under her wing and I cannot say enough good things about her. For one my 4 year old has never been healthier. We are working towards reducing his dependence on asthma medications. And I feel very confident we will get there soon. Dr. Panse is extremely generous. She listens patiently and answers every question with clarity. I truly am thankful not just for her medical expertise but for her overall support. I always had deep reverence for Ayurveda but it felt inaccessible. Thanks to Dr. Panse I am able slowly incorporate Ayurveda into my lifestyle. To me that’s a big achievement in itself

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