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What does ‘Charak Samhita’ offers thousand years ago even before the modern medicine was conceived?

  1. The first to introduce the concept and definition of health and further include physical and psychological health as whole health.
  2. Charak samhita is globally accepted as the first literature to introduce the concept of metabolism,digestion, immunity and etiology
  3. The concept of eight stages of diseases from inception to culmination.
  4. First to address the role of psychology in the pathology of various physical and mental diseases
  5. It elaborates the classification and properties  of natural minerals, animal derived and plant derived elements.
  6. It states Medical ethics,Etiquette for  doctors as well as for patients.
  7. A thorough and holistic approach towards food for maintaining health.Description and detailed analysis with properties of almost all edible things present on earth in that era.
  8. The pioneer of unique idea of personal hygiene and community health.
  9. Interdependence of season,geography,health ,diseases and the preventative measures  by adapting the right lifestyle and food habits.
  10. Concept of prakriti(constitution of body )which is the essence of Ayurveda science.
  11. Concept of macro and micro digestion and tissue metabolism.
  12. Description of non suppressible urges and their role in causing various diseases (One should not hold natural urges like urination,defecation, sneezing,burp,tears,coughing etc)
  13. Description of suppressible urges like ill thinking, talking or deeds.(Now this is globally accepted as Cognitive Behavioral therapy for psychological health.)
  14. Almost all about the exercise and everything related to the exercise and acquired physical fitness.
  15. Method of gradual acquirement of wholesome and withdrawal of unwholesome habits (De-addiction in simple language)
  16.  Preventive methods of endogenous(those diseases who are caused due to pathology in body)
  17. Causes,treatment of endogenous mental diseases. (The unique concept Ayurveda offered to modern psychology field)
  18. Description and role of sense organs in physical and psychological health.
  19. Qualities of physician,qualities of nursing staff, qualities of medicinal drug and qualities of patients too.(A real need to overview in society today is described thousands of years ago)
  20.  Diagnosis and Prognosis ( easily curable,hard to cure, non curable diseases etc)
  1.  Four fold clinical methods of investigations (Signs of authority,direct observation,interference and reasoning )
  2. Three pursuits that fulfill and even decide the overall health (pursuit for life, pursuit of wealth, pursuit of future consequences)
  3. Theory of self destruction( Swabhavoparamovaad)
  4. The origin of basic six taste present in more or less in every element.
  5. Dietetic incompatibilities.
  6. Concept of epidemic diseases.
  7. Sixteen mental constitutions/personalities.(Manas prakriti)
  8. Concepts in embryology, maternal health , management of labour and neonatal care.
  9. Concept of preventive medicine and therapies.
  10. Geriatric medicine for restoration of health( Rasayan chikitsa)
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