WHO ARE YOU? A cold blooded passer by or a lifesaving hand?

Recalling one recent incidence and death I want to write this short blog.Sometimes first few minutes of attention can save a dying person by simple acts.

It is so disheartening to hear and witness that road accidents victims remain unattended and don’t get help on time though surrounded by a huge mob.It is more shameful and sad to learn that mob just click photos n shoot videos of the accident to make them viral.

Many times people want to help but are scared of legal formalities.Sometimes they really don’t know what to do and how to help the victims.We should know at least some basic general guidelines.

These simple but crucial actions can save a valuable life.


Don’t just watch and click ,move and help !


  1. Be quick -don’t panic -call emergency helpline: The first and most important step is your willingness to help the person.Be quick to help and don’t wait for other persons.

Keep the emergency number handy such as ambulance,doctors police etc and call without hesitation.Do not think that somebody must have called already. Multiple calls to the emergency is always better than no call for help.Look for any identity of person as it will help to know more about the victim.

  1. Check for injury and breathing : Immediately check for any bleeding from extremities, head abdomen etc. If more than one person is injured always pay attention to the person first who doesn’t move, cry or just seems unconscious. The person who can scream or cry is able to breathe and is in sense. Look for signs of breathing and pulse.


  1. Check for obstructions in the person’s mouth and throat: If the air way obstruction in nose and throat use the middle finger to check or remove the obstruction.
  2. Life saving technique: If there is no pulse,or breathing perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR)and give mouth to mouth /mouth to nose or mouth breathing to initiate the breathing and start pulse.If you are not aware of the lifesaving ABC please take some time out to find videos and learn those simple crucial techniques. Apart from accidents these techniques are lifesaving for heart attack,epilepsy patients and other shock ,unconsious situations in many ways.
  3. Stop the bleeding:If there is bleeding try to stop the bleeding by pressure, bandage. If there is bleeding from the mouth or the patient is vomiting, turn the person to his/her side. This will avoid any chances of the person choking or swallowing blood in airways.keep the bleeding part raised above the heart gently.
  4. Head injury signs:If the person has vomited there are chances of severe head injury do inform the doctors about it.
  5. Do not stretch or manipulate: In case of the limb trapped in some part of vehicle and not getting released easily do not manipulate it. It may injure the limb more in stead of help.Do not stretch or fold the limbs or change the position of the victim it may worsen the fractures,dislocations etc.
  6. Always suspect spinal injuries: If the person’s neck is in an awkward position (not normally placed) or the person is unconscious, do not move the patient. Get help immediately. This could mean that the person’s neck is broken, and moving him/her in such a situation can cause more harm than good.
  7. Keep the person warm: Usually accident victims feel excessively cold due to shock. Therefore keeping them warm is essential to survival. You can use whatever you have to do this, such as a T-shirt, jacket, etc.
  8. Avoid feeding the person:Do not give the person any water, food or other fluids through the mouth, it could lead to the patient choking.Also if the victim needs immediate hospitalization ,surgery and anaesthesia the feeding can be an obstacle in treatment.


Do not hesitate to learn more from authentic source.A helpful link is shared below

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