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You can click faces,, stories may remain untold

When you visit a place ,it is a reflection of the people living there. If you visit the place and  dont know about the people ,customs and culture you never visit the place, you do sightseeing . Leh was about the giant mountains, the nonending clear horizon, the breathing curvy beauty of the roads, clear blue skies, fullfilling star gazing, proud presence of Indian Army. But for me it was also the people overthere .Humble,soft spoken ,smiling,tremendously hardworking, very sensible with tourists and so close to nature. Simple needs in adverse geology a perfect example of a soul detached from materialistic us. I can never forget those rosy cheecks ,those brown cheek tans , bare basic needs , helpful hands and gratitude they show towards life.

These are some moments with some  them.

I love to be clicked

This 6 month old baby girl was so fond of the camera flash and the click sound. She enjoyed the clicks with a flash smile every time ,faster than my camera flash. I was baby sitting her while the owner of hotel and mother of this child cooks local yummy  Thuppa(the noodle soup) and Momos for us.It was fun ! The picture taken on the way to Pangong lake ,

Nature itself is a caretaker

I was really impressed by these little nomads. Elders were out for routine work like feeding the sheep and yak, these little shepherds were handling the baby sheep and other chores around the tent. Its been hard on the altitude of  4,595 m (15,080 feet).They have the only boarding school for nomads 50 kilometres  away.So in a very tender age they stay in school boarding. It was vacation time and it was work with fun for them .The picture taken on the way to Tsomoriri , Ladakh , June 2015.

The ladies time

These two ladies shared some tips about local food specially the salty butter tea and some local flavoured breads. The second lady is sorting the sheep wool for world famous pashmina wool.The unexpected snowfall on the way to Tsomoriri hampered the vision on road.As we took shelter in this only tent we can found on the way of very remote Tsokar. The picture taken on the way to Tsokar , Ladakh, June2015

The Lama way.

Moods of Lamas in Hemis ,one of the oldest monestary in Leh Ladakh. The younge Lama is shy and hiding his guilty pleasure ,handsful of the potato chips.The preparation of Hemis festival, the world famous cultural feast and gathering of Budhhist all over the world, in other two pictures .The pictures taken In Hemis Monestary, Ladakh.

We have got something innovative for the decoration .

I was shocked to see a Yak head on the roof of the tent. This is the same tent we took shelter in snowfall.I even got a chill running  when i came to know that it is fresh. The Yak has been dead one day before only.It is a custom and a part of celebration, i came to know. The people believe it turns the bad omen away.

Tsokar village is a remote village on the altitude of 4500meters(15000 fts) famous for its rich flora and fauna. Its wonderful to see how the the people live there in adverse weather and geographical condition. The pictures taken Tsokar , Ladakh .

(This writeup belongs to Dr.Rupali Panse. Images source: Dr.Rupali Panse.)

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  1. Reading this post tempted me to be a part of life over there. Truely best experience with perfect presentation. Expecting continuous exploration and expression from you again and again.

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