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Your Mind: Kaleidoscope of feelings !

Human mind is a strange kaleidoscope. It forms and plays the various shades of numeral emotions and feelings every minute.A strange chemistry of previous experiences, thought process, characters , beliefs,values and behavior decide the mental health of person.

Thirst, hunger, self-defense, fear, aggression, sensitivity and ability and way of expression are seen in every living being, animals and human beings. these are the basic instincts we can say.But in addition to these human beings posses love, assurance, authority, anger, resentment, humiliation, opposition, inferiority, self-esteem, jealousy, pressure, insecurity, guilt, and so on are unique. It is very important to express these emotions through words or actions. If they do not get drained over the time, these feelings are stored in the mind along with the memories(good/bad) of that moment and the mental state(good/bad) of the person at that time. This is called an emotional bondage or emotional block.

These emotional bonds or complexities bind the person to past event or to that particular situation, which reflects in the personality of the person.For example, the emotional bondage of fear, pressure, inferiority will lower the self esteem,confidenece and he will be afraid to take any responsibility. A new job, a new relationship, a new job will prevent or fail to deal with life changes. Aggressive behavior  is often the result of some emotional block. These emotional blocks, which have been stucked for a long time, cause a variety of behavioral defects in the individual, leading to more serious consequences such as becoming addicted to different addictions, causing physical or psychological harm to others, and rarely turning to crime or suicide too.

If these emotional bonds remain unaddressed for years and are not expressed even in action, they can be seen to have an adverse effect on the body\’ causing various disesaes. Mainly  Pitta Dosha  and Vata Dosha imbalances, blood is affected and pathologies are produced. Imbalanced physical Tridosha affects the intelligence that control the thoughts .Intellects that controls the cognizance, rational and decisions gets imbalanced.The unbalanced intellect, mind and Tridohas can deviate the mental and physical health.

The reason for this is the interrelationship between body, brain and mind, which we saw in the previous article. There are many diseases like asthma,skin diseases, allergies, migraine where patients with no family history, and no specific cause come. There is no specific reasons physician can find .In these patients emotional blocks and mental ill health is the reason affecting the body.Of course in the first 5 to 8 visits, the patient does not say anything, and the physician also needs time and conversation to make the diagnosis. But when the patient\’s mind is examined with proper help, the mind begins to speak . Counseling  Ayurvedic medicine therapies, psychiatrist\’s advice if needed, behavioral therapy can have the best effect on the mind as well as the physical ailments.

A human mind is endlessly floating on the thousands of the emotional waves. If the persons knows how to tackle those he /she can surf or float pleasurably but otherwise these emotional waves can easily swallow the person.

Respect,recognize and tackles the various emotions wisely ! Queries,comments and sharing experiences will ad

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  1. In today’s competitive world one has to spend lot of energy in emotions management. It is essential to learn how to manage emotions and channelise them for betterment of our mental health. If we do this successfully, we can lead a happy life.

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