For my sweet tooth

माझ्या गोडाच्या सवयीची सोय ! गरज आणि कुतूहल हि शोधाची जननी आहे असे म्हणतात. अगदी असेच माझ्या जवळजवळ सगळ्या पोस्ट्स ची जननी माझे पेशंट आहेत असे मी म्हंटले तर त्यात काही अतिशयोक्ती नक्कीच नाही.त्यांच्या मेंदूचा कायम ऑन असणारा अँटेना पुढचा ब्लॉग कशावर लिहावा असा प्रश्न पडूच देत नाही कारण त्यांचे प्रश्न कायम तयार असतात. पेशंट … Continue reading For my sweet tooth

Addicted: Sale! Shop! Swipe!

Shop to live or Live to shop !!! Shopping addiction: The flooded malls, jewelry shops, flea markets, street markets and now the roadside stalls, home driven garment -jewelry businesses and gigantic online shopping market are the proofs that human may have undergone the mutation of gene for shopping. The availability of thousands of variety in … Continue reading Addicted: Sale! Shop! Swipe!

A brain kidnap: Is it you ,your parents or your child?

Are you a proud parent when your child cracks the various levels of game on mobile or any other device? If Yes,You need to read this. Are you feel lost when you don’t have mobile phone with you? If Yes,You need to read this. Are you always looking for online offers to shop more ? … Continue reading A brain kidnap: Is it you ,your parents or your child?

BBC: Bakery and Boarding Canteen !

We were talking after almost 15 years. A shy sincere and very loving batch mate of mine had called me and  put a very different issue to seek help. Her daughter has been selected in a boarding school through a tough entrance exam. This Taluka level government school is supposed to be a gateway to … Continue reading BBC: Bakery and Boarding Canteen !

Two lessons learnt by the coat of a doctor!

Every patient teaches something worth learning. Every case adds value in doctor's life as in terms of profession and as a person too. The journey of any medical student is far different from any other person.The mount Everest size syllabus, the hospitals ,batches, hostel problems wrapped in fun moments, forgetting the difference between day and … Continue reading Two lessons learnt by the coat of a doctor!

Idali controversy! ‘

! ! खूप विविध मत मतांतरे असलेला विषय ! ! इडली खावी कि नाही ? पदार्थ आंबवणे ह्या प्रकाराबद्दल आपले काय मत आहे ? उत्तर: सर्वात जास्त विचारला जाणारा आणि खरोरच विचारलाच पाहिजे असा प्रश्न. ह्याचे सविस्तर पैलू बघू. उकडे तांदूळ,उडदाची डाळ भिजवून बारीक वाटून मग ती नैसर्गिक आंबवले कि इडलीचे पीठ तयार होते.ह्या आंबवलेल्या … Continue reading Idali controversy! ‘

Food waste : Crime with the planet !

The most disturbing fact about the food is food waste. There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone.But one third of all food produced is lost or wasted. Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food costing the global economy close to $940 billion each year is wasted. Each time food goes wasted or … Continue reading Food waste : Crime with the planet !

Fast: Official leave to feast and rest to stomoch

Dr.Rupali Panse

Let the Fast Begin!

Here fast doesn’t mean complete avoiding eating. Fast means  avoiding some specific food and eating other specific food for one or more days either for health benefit or other custom, faith reason.The fast is considered to be one of the ways to help you go closer to the god while u perform puja or rituals . It has got much importance in many traditions and cultures specially in Asian countries .From ages we are eating the food famous and widely accepted for the fast which pushes stomach to work hard for digestion.Ideally  the fast should enhance the overall health by giving rest to the stomach.But most of the times wrong methods and food chosen  leads to health problems like hyper acidity , flatulence ,head aches and indigestion .

You will be amazed to see the benefits of fast done properly in right intervals . Fast should…

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10 FAQs on ‘incompatible diet’ made me write!!

An again read

Dr.Rupali Panse

Yes I am taking a risk by writing this specific blog . Some people will be mad at me for enlisting their favourite food in the black list. Some people will not believe what they are reading. But most the people who are reading will thank me for the revelation of  the harsh facts  they may not be aware till they read this blog .

I received flood of queries and many requested to elaborate this incompatibility subject in more detail. I am collectively putting all the information in FAQ forms.

Here is the link of the previous blog for reference :

1.What is incompatible diet or Virudhhanna?

One or more food items, having opposite natural properties when combined , cooked or processed separately or together in a way to alter and affect the original properties of ingredient and when consumed, is harmful to the body. This type of food, dish or recipe is called as…

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